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Commercial Fire Protection

VanWall Fire Protection does everything from estimating, design/engineering, to the installation and service for your commercial use project. No matter what your occupancies or fire protection needs, VanWall Fire Protection has solutions. 
At VanWall Fire, we work with you to make sure you get the proper fire protection for your building, budget, and time frame needs.  
We handle every step of the project. We do estimating, design/engineering, Install, and repair. Wherever you are at with your project VanWall can help.  
A few of the jobs we have done are listed below. Please contact us if you want to know more about jobs we have done or references. 
Waters Building
Waters building is an example of a project that has multiple types of fire protection systems that we have done to meet the needs of this buildings many uses. 
When remodeling a building or repurposing it, the existing Fire suppression system may no longer work and will need to be changed. 
Van Andel Arena
Van Wall Fire Protection has worked on and continues to work on many high Profile projects. Van Andel Arena (pictured above) is one of those projects. 
We design and install multiple types of fire protection systems to meet your projects specific needs. 
(pictured: Dealuge system, Waters Building; Downtown Grand Rapids.)